Jul. 19th, 2009

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Some of the stuff we have posted recently:

Reading incomprehension: why vocabulary is important

After a recent A Level exam, a bunch of students – around 1,160 of them have so far joined the Facebook group – complained that a question was too difficult to understand. The question in question was, “How far do you agree that Hitler’s role 1933-45 was one of despotic tyranny?".


Gyms: exploiting your self esteem for profit

I've decided to start a gym and plunder people's bank accounts for the price of their body image shame. It's a no brainer business! People hate being fat but they also hate going to the gym...


Postal delays expected, no-one cares

Another fecking strike has been announced, this time by the Communication Workers Union. The union has accused Royal Mail of cutting employees' pay and reducing services.


Suicide squad: Met gives advice to cyclists

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, is making a lot of noise about cycling in London as an alternative to driving. Not only is it better for the environment, he tells us, but it is quicker – and, most importantly, cheaper. In our experience, cyclists generally fall into three distinct categories: the old ladies, the average joes, and the wankers.


Plus check out the cool drawings another of our colleagues is contributing...

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