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It’s MID MAY already! Argh! So here are my likes & dislikes for the month:

TokyoMilk - Dead Sexy perfumeWhistles Francoise tote in mustard


  • TokyoMilk Perfume. This brand has an interesting collection of scents. This time round I bought Dead Sexy which is a vanilla-based scent (notes are: deep vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid and ebony) It’s sweet but not in a foody-cloying way. Normally I’m all about fresh-floral fragrances but this sweet woodsy one really got to me. I think it’s a perfect warm fragrance for autumn, and bonus: it lingers on the skin.

  • Whistles Francoise tote. I have been looking for a new bag for a while and when I found this one on ASOS, I was so excited. It ticked all the boxes: a nice large construction, not too boxy, flexible soft thick leather, in a lush dark yellow, with gold hardware. AND it’s reminiscent of a Mulberry Bayswater (one day, I’ll get me one). It was an expensive purchase for me but I hope to lug this beauty around for years to come. (The Whistles website has the measured dimensions for this bag as much larger than what it looked like. Although their website is a hot mess, their online customer service was incredible, responding to my email straight away with the actual dimensions, and in a fab & friendly tone of voice too)

  • Beetroot & feta. I’m pretty sure these 2 food items were invented for each other. Like, they go a long way towards proving there is such a thing as soulmates. Borsch Vodka & Tears (apparently a bit of a Melbourne institution) is a restaurant serving Polish-style tapas and you can get yourself a good fix there. Warning: a great selection of food means there’s a high chance of food coma.
  • Wardrobe explosion zone. We have a long built-in wardrobe in our main bedroom and honestly, whoever designed it was just stupid! It’s an exercise in wasted storage space. My clothes are jumbled all over the place. Extra shelves & drawers are sorely needed.

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