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Currently working on:

Rukan v64000

30,108 words (the dreaded 30k wall)

Second world fantasy spliced with murder mystery. The best writing I have, because I have gone slowly and tried very hard to show. I’m not sure how this story ends. I have ideas. I suspect there will be massive revisions required to wrangle a good story out of it. But… it feels like the right story for now.

Other stories:

I Wake Up Unknown v2-ish

18,000 words culled from initial 47,000 pantsed words

Urban fantasy spilled out with no plan until no plot got the better of me. It spiralled way out of my control. I think it could still work. Might come back to this but should finish Rukan first.

The Other You v1

3,900 words

I doodle on this from time to time. It’s basically a romance. In the way The Time Traveller’s Wife is a romance. I love this story but have 2 problems: 1) I think it’s a bigger story than I can write at the moment, and 2) I don’t know where to set it. Australia, NZ, UK, Somewhere Not Quite Defined. This inability to pick a place bugs me.

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