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The A-Team (or, “That movie that starts with A that has those people in it” as I kept calling it) – Ridiculous. But you figured that would be the case going in. You knew that was the case when they flew a helicopter upside down. Don’t expect anything and you won’t be disappointed.

The A Team

New books - Added to my reading list, John Scalzi’s The Last Colony and Elizabeth Bear’s Chill, purchased from the awesomely geektastic store Forbidden Planet. I could spend a lotta money on sci fi books there.

Cold War KidsEvery Man I Fall For – Darling song of the moment that I’m playing on repeat. Seriously I think I listened to this 25 times on Saturday while wrestling writing my current WIP.

Haircut – No more scraggly ends!

Inception - A good and solid original movie. Keeps you thinking after. Not as hard to follow as I’d expected. Loved the ambiguous ending.


Coffee - With 2 of my buddies at Lola & Simon, my favourite cafe in London. V v v good coffee, delish range of cakes & goodies (try the banana bread!)

Jack the Ripper walking tour – Which I’ve been meaning to do for, like, forever. Okay. Ever since I moved to London four years ago. I used to work at Tower Hill so was good to return to the area¬†and get an insight into the history of familiar streets.

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